Klairon’s fully optimize the air passage further clean the air flow and achieve indoor air purification cycle in a faster manner. Wider and bigger back air-in taking design fully takes in the air faster and smoother. The oblique and big air outlet design makes your feel more fresh air in a short time.

Hence maintaining clean air within your living space becomes very important.
Klairon Air Purifiers use the revolutionary HEPA Air Purification technology to make your indoor pollutant free. It effectively removes 99.9% of pollutants like particulate matter (PM 2.5). dust. pet hair. formaldehyde. cigarette smoke, cooking and paint fumes, bacteria, virus and other pollutants commonly found in homes and offices.

1. Pre Filter:
Removes particles easily seen by the (e.g. dust, hair and pet dander).
2. Charcoal Filter:
Removes small to medium size particles (e.g. molds, spores and pollen).
3. Activated carbon filter:
Removes chemicals. gases and odors.
4. HEPA Filter:
Removes 99.97% of all particles larger than 0.3 microns.
5. An-ionizer
Releases powerful anions (10 million units/cm) makes you feel comfortable in a short time.

6. Cold Catalyst Generator
Can Absorb and decompose formaldehyde & other toxic gas into carbon dioxide and water.
7. Electric Anion Generator
it is a device that uses high voltage to ionize (electrically charge) air molecules.
8. Antimicrobial Filter
Airborne microorganism, or microbes, are spread from person to person by breathing contaminated indoor air…
9. Ozone Generator
Ozone is the most efficient, natural, Broad-Spectrum microbiological control substance and very reactive sterilization agent. it destroy ant bacteria. viruses, Cysts and Pathogens in a very short duration when it comes into contact with air.

Operation Work Module
Motor Operating Symbols
Timer: Show the working tie (countdown the time, etc.)(Only display hour).
After the appliance’s working for one hour, the time diminishes one hour. The time can set up through 1H-2H-4H-8H. When the appliance running. the related function word or instructions symbols is bright or flashing. Which shows the appliance starts working?
It also has filter change indicator and pollution level indicator.

Product Features


Remove Smoke and Dust

All kinds of smoke and in air, this pollution are harmful to human health. For example. the air pollutant from smoking can stay 10 days in the air.

Dispel Odors
Active Oxygen with its strong oxidability can fast decompose organics and in organics which generate bad smell and other odor.

Active Oxygen Purifier
Active Oxygen is well known as one of the strongest oxidizer. it can effectively kill hepatitis virus. SARS, HINI, etc and it also can treat respiratory diseases.

High concentration of negative- ion

Negative ion can fat adsorb and neutralize harmful substance. Promote human body metabolism, improve immunity and adjust human body balance. It is also name as “Air Vitamin”.

Four Layer Filtration
Front Filter net, With antibacterial material, it can remove dust, pollen, etc. Formaldehyde filter net. it can remove formaldehyde filter net. it can remove formaldehyde other volatile organic compounds.

Decompose Formaldehyde
Active Oxygen with its strong oxidability can fast decompose formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful gases, Eliminate odors.

Rough Nets

Removes particles easily seen by the (e.g. dust, hair and pet dander) it has broad spectrum function.

. No Second Pollution
Active Oxygen is unstable under natural situation. It easily break up into 03.its half life is 20-30 minutes. it can increase the oxygen content in air. Make air fresh and clean.

Air Purifier Technology

Air Purifier with high technology can efficiently filter all kind of floating smoke and dust in the air, and easily solve the problem of housing environmental pollution.
Active oxygen is unstable under naturals. It easily break up into 02, it can increases the oxygen levels in the air, make air fresh and clean.Active oxygen is unstable under naturals, it easily break up into 02, it can increases the oxygen levels in the air, make air fresh and clean.
Active oxygen with its strong oxidability can fast decompose organic and inorganic which generate bad smell and other odor.

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